Regie und Produktion vom “#machseinfach Trink Leitungswasser” Kampagnenfilm
Posted July 17, 2019 Written by julifox

Die Welt zu retten kann so leicht sein: einfach Plastikflaschen im Supermarkt lassen und Leitungswasser trinken. Für den Berliner Verein “a tip: tap” durfte ich Regie und Produktion für den Kampagnenfilm der “#machseinfach Trink Leitungswasser” Challenge übernehmen.  Seit 3. Juli 2019 läuft die Aktion und es ist toll zu sehen, wie viele Leute mitmachen.

Myth Berghain report for Arte TRACKS
Posted June 5, 2017 Written by julifox

For the ten year anniversary of the Berlin techno club Berghain, I talked to employees, artists and guests and produced a report about the myths that surround this club for the subculture show TRACKS on Arte.

Branded content for Brooks England
Posted June 5, 2017 Written by julifox

For the bike saddle company Brooks England I produced, filmed and edited a series of short documentaries. One of my favorite ones is still this one about the Italian vintage bicycle race L´Eroica that I did in 2009.   In 2010 I produced and edited for Brooks England the documentary on the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Berlin.

Revealing extraordinary Berlin places for Brazilian TV
Posted June 1, 2017 Written by julifox

I spend the entire summer 2010 with the sweet team of Chocolate Productions to produce a series about extraordinary places in Berlin. Here are some examples of topics we captured. The nine shows were each 27 minutes long and a playful trip through my hometown Berlin.   Click on the links to watch excerpts of the show: Trailer park Lohmühle  Monster Kabinett Underground Berliner Weisse im Treptower Park

Voodoohop report on Arte TRACKS
Posted May 31, 2017 Written by julifox