I am a Journalist

Fridays for Future Demo 2019 #machseinfach 2014-Juli Reinecke, Berlin Biennale, C -Kerstin Niemann 2014 Lesotho Shepherds near Hakenene, Mashai Nepal, Langtang Valley view from Gosaikund trek

I am as sly as a fox at finding good stories

It is curiosity that drives me. When I find a topic interesting I get very inquisitive and enjoy finding out all there is to know about it. The outcomes of this process I communicate through radio, online and TV.


Working as a journalist was my long time career plan. My first internship at a print magazine I did at 14, my first radio show I started hosting at 24 while finishing my master degree in Applied Cultural Studies in Lüneburg. Since then I worked freelance for international print magazines (Lodown, Trace), public radio (SWR, DW), online newspaper (Zeit Online), online television (Hobnox) and finally public television for Brazil (Lugar Incomum) and Europe (TRACKS, Kulturpalast, Faust Theaterpreis).  Four years I was employed as editing producer and author for the culture television production company Kobalt. I also produce branded content, e. g. for Brooks England.


During my travels to hidden pearls of the world I gain skills that I can then use for my work and vice versa. It is my passion to discover amazing places and stories. I speak various languages (French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish), love talking to people and can adopt fast to a situation. Countries that I have visited include: Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Lesotho, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Serbia, Albania and many more.


TV Director and Author

Asking the right questions and telling stories is what I do. During four years of employment for Kobalt Productions and more years as freelancer, I created several TV reports for public television stations Arte, 3SAT, ZDF and Deutsche Welle.

TV Producer

Apart from my work for German television, I produced nine half an hour long Berlin episodes for the Brazilian documentary series Lugar Incomum, including research and organization of topics and shooting locations.

Organization Talent

Working four years as content editor for the shows Kulturpalast (3Sat) and TRACKS (Arte), I am as sly as a fox in finding and organizing content to create a smart and entertaining TV show.

Global Explorer

I am curious and open minded and love to experience other ways of living in different places of the world.

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